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Our family has always been nuts about all kinds of pets.  Cats have always been an integral part of our home.  I currently have two cats: sisters who were foster kittens in need of a home.  One is a cuddly love bug.  The other is wild and crazy.  It amazes me how much their presence creates a "family" feeling--even if I'm alone working in my studio.


My art skills were nurtured at a tender age by my Grandma who, in hindsight, was a great art teacher but not a diligent babysitter.  Learning to create good art was paramount, while meals, baths and even bedtime were definitely of secondary importance. 


As a youngster, I didn't know any better and simply did what Grandma said to do.  Now, I have to hide my amazement when I go to advanced art classes and follow instructors teach using the same drills and sharing the same wisdom that Grandma poured out on me and my siblings when I was only four or five.  What a gift!


Thank you Grandma, and I hope this website makes you smile, wherever you might be.

101 Cat Portraits

The 101 Cat Portrait Challenge is a personal growth goal to do 101 Cat Portraits within a calendar year. Last year I did a similar challenge to do 101 Dog Portraits -- other pets could also apply. It was a fantastic growth opportunity. Both my art skills and business skills improved. And, as time has elapsed, the list of items that I've created to showcase the artwork has grown.  Now I have the ability to put the artwork on magnets, keychains and notebooks as well as greeting cards. 


GrowWashington is a business incubator in Snohomish, WA that has been supporting my fledgling business.  They let me use the store for the official launch of the 101 Cat Portrait Challenge and have helped me get media coverage including a write up in the Everett Herald. I'll be using my blog to track the 101 Cat Portrait Challenge on my blog (link below):




At the time of this writing, I've already received several inquiries and cat photos towards the 101 goal.  Having written that, its time to go back to my studio and paint.  Hopefully when I emerge, I'll have an email from you! Thanks.


"Liz's painting on Cowboy is amazing." Julie H