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Why Get a Custom Cat Portrait?

Our feline friends are daily companions who amuse, entertain, and love us.   However, the joyful antics of kittens and the warm snuggles with adult cats are hard to hold in memory as the years drift by. 


A portrait captures a bit of the essence of your cat's unique personality and love.


Cowboy is the cat featured this month.  Many thanks to Julie H for giving me her permission to paint him.

What can a Portrait do that Photographs usually can't?

It can be difficult to get a good photograph a cat - one that captures a snapshot of the cat's personality or endearing behaviors. 


However, as an artist, I can collaborate with you to create art that reminds you of your cat every time you view the painting.  Artwork transends time.


Plus, having a portrait done is just fun!

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What's the 101 Cat Portrait Challenge?

The 101 Cat Portrait Challenge is my goal to do 101 cat portraits within the next calendar year.


Here's how the 101 Cat Portrait Challenge works. You send me photos of your cat(s), we review the project and I will let you know if your cat photo fits in the 101 Cat Portrait Challenge requirements and needs.  It if does and if we agree on the copyright authorization, then I paint the painting.


There is no down payment, plus no requirement to buy the final piece.   Plus, I will extend an additional 10.1% discount to further sweeten the deal. 


What I need from you is a great photo or set of photos plus your permission to use your photos for my artwork -- which I will be using as portfolio pieces on my website and, if selected, for merchandise.  Your photo is your legal property.  I only request rights to use my artwork.


Its a win-win deal: if you decide to buy the painting, you get a cat portrait at a great discount and I get to build my portfolio!


To buy or not to buy? How is this possible?

In order to make ends meet, I request that you give me permission to create artwork based on your photographs and then use that artwork for other purposes.  United States copyright law requires that I get explicit permission from you prior to using my artwork if it is based on your photographs.


If I have your permission to use my artwork based on your photo, then regardless if you decide to buy the portrait or not, I can still create items to sell with the artwork that I painted.

What is the next step?

Send me an email containing your cat's photograph and what you have in mind for a painting.  Some of the details that I need your inputs include the size, media and background details.  I generally work in watercolor, and also enjoy acrylic. 


Email:  artist@101catportraits.com


Alternatively you can mail me photographs.


Pricing and painting size questions? Click here!